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Playtech Enters Mexico; Strength of Latin American iGaming Market Heats Up

Playtech’s online gaming platform is coming to Mexico thanks to a new deal between the software maker and Mexican gaming giant Grupo Caliente. Under the agreement, Caliente will eventually be able to expand its operations outside of Mexico to other parts of Central and South America.
This latest development is another sign that the Latin America gaming market is getting ready for serious growth.
The Deal
Under the terms of the deal, Playtech will provide its standard gaming software to Caliente, which will operate it under Mexican gaming laws. Caliente operates hundreds of licensed bingo halls, lotteries, sports books and race tracks throughout Mexico.
The deal also includes provisions to bring online gambling to other parts of Central and South America, “as opportunities arise.” Getting a foothold in Mexico with an established gaming company gives Playtech a big edge over rival software maker Microgaming in this lucrative market.
In a press release, Microgaming CE Mo Weizer said, “Our work with Caliente is in line with Playtech’s strategy of entering new regulated markets and diversifies the Company’s geographic footprint beyond its European and Asian marketplaces. ”
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Latin American iGaming
Thanks to massive growth projected in the Asian-Pacific gaming market, other developing markets like Latin America are frequently overlooked. Latin American cultures are relatively friendly to legalized gaming, and a culture of sports betting is thoroughly entrenched throughout the region.
Though traditional telecom-infrastructure in many parts of Central and South America is frequently lacking, mobile phone, smart phone and mobile Internet use is soaring.
And in countries like Brazil, which is in the midst of a major economic boom, smart phones and Internet usage is sky high.
Affiliate partners who are comfortable bridging the language gap can follow Playtech’s lead and reap major rewards from this relatively untapped market.
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