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PKR Changes Terms and Conditions

PKR Limited is changing its terms and conditions to include clauses that are decidedly unfriendly towards their existing affiliate partners.
Word of the retroactive changes went out via e-mail over the weekend and quickly became a hot topic on affiliate forums like Poker Affiliate Listings.
Though the changes as a whole cover a couple different areas, the  most draconian changes revolve around inactive players. Specifically, PKR is implementing a tiered system that progressively chokes off revenue sharing based on activity and plays out like this:

  • Dormant Accounts – No activity for 12 months or more. Account will be closed and revenue share is set to 0%.
  • Inactive Account – No activity for six months, access is restricted. Revenue share is set to 0%.
  • Semi-inactive Accounts – No activity for three months. Account access is restricted and revenue share is set to 10%.

The new T&C also states:

Without limitation you must not :
(ii) use any keyword, metatag or other or other means of advertising on any internet search engine

Though this clause is fairly vague, some affiliates interpreted it as meaning traditional promotions such as reviews were now forbidden.
PKR has posted up its new T&C on its main site, but no word is available on what’s behind the changes. The changes did, however, earn PKR a spot on PAL’s blacklisted programs list and don’t be surprised if other advocacy sites follow suit.
Will you be impacted by PKR’s new T&C? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.