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Performance Media Targets South America

Brazil's economy is growing rapidly.

Perform is partnering with Full Play SA to significantly expand their South American soccer portfolio. The deal gives the digital sports media group access to an additional 900 South American, most of the big leagues in Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru and showcases the growing importance of the Latin American gaming market.
Double Down on South America

Full Play and Perform have worked together in the past to bring South American soccer content online and the new deal brings the total number of games offered to 1,800. Currently they’re offering league play from Brazil and Mexico;  FIFA 2012 qualifiers; and a lot more.
With a population of around half a billion people, it’s not surprising that Perform would be interested in increasing its content offerings to Mexico, Central and America. Residents of this part of the world are passionate sports fans and a growing market for sports book and gaming affiliates.
Of course soccer is the biggest sport in the Latin world, but it’s by no means the only one that gets watched, and bet on, in this corner of the globe. Baseball is very popular in Central America, Mexico and Spanish speaking Caribbean countries like the Dominican Republic. In Mexico, especially the northern states, NFL football enjoys huge audiences.
South American Internet Penetration
There’s a couple reasons why digital content like the type Perform is offering is a great way of reaching South American sport fans.  In developing parts of this region, mobile internet is the only way of accessing the web. Currently, around 27 percent of South Americans have Internet access of some kind, and that number should continue climbing.
Even though smart phone penetration is only about 11% in this part of the world, it’s growing rapidly. A recent report from Pyramid Research predicts that the South American smart phone market will grow by at least 46% in the next five years. There’s no doubt that the booming Brazilian market will account for a large chunk of that growth.
Brazilian Behemoth
It’s not surprising that much of the new soccer content in the Perform deal is directed at the red hot Brazilian market. Thanks to a combination of economic reforms and some serious natural resources, Brazil is a regional economic powerhouse.
Brazilians are very cosmopolitan, educated and they readily embrace consumer technology. In fact, a full 50% of South American Internet users reside in the country and smart phone penetration is around 19% and growing rapidly. Standard mobile phone penetration in Brazil is around 88% and rising.
South America for Gaming Affiliates
There’s no shortage of opportunities in this part of the world for gaming affiliates interested in producing Spanish language content.
The key to making headway in the Latin American market is understanding, and exploiting, regional differences. Mexicans and Brazilians, for example, have little in common and don’t even speak the same language. A one-size-fits-all approach will definitely not win players in Mexico, Central and South America.
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