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Novig Partners with Intelitics for Colorado Launch

Novig, a sports betting exchange startup, is partnering with Intelitics, a maker of player acquisition software, on its upcoming launch in Colorado. It’s a move that Novig is hoping will disrupt the existing sports betting market and bring the betting exchange model to the growing US market.

Novig’s spot in the Colorado sports betting market is pretty solidly set for the time-being thanks to a 10-year deal it recently struck with Full House Resorts and its Bronco Billy’s Casino property in Cripple Creek. Colorado, along with New Jersey, are the only two US States that currently allow sports betting exchanges.

According to Novig’s founders, and Harvard graduates, Jake Fortinsky and Kelechi Ukah, their sports betting exchange platform allows for commission-free wagers, a big advantage in the increasingly competitive US sports betting market. Their model also allows for quicker payouts than standard sportsbooks.

Intelitics will be helping Novig along with its player acquisition software, which analyzes the lifetime value of a player using AI technology. This allows companies like Novig to efficiently acquire high value players as they build a customer base.

Catherine Dougherty, Head of Growth Marketing at Novig, spoke of the deal recently saying, “This is a powerful, highly capable platform and toolset that we will be able to use to drive new customer acquisition at scale and for a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels. This will give us a huge boost in Colorado and the other states where we will make a play.”

Allan Stone, Intelitics Software CEO, was enthusiastic about Novig’s shot at changing the way sports betting is done in America saying, “Novig is set to disrupt the Colorado online sports betting market, and we are thrilled to be supporting its acquisition efforts through affiliates and paid media. These are powerful channels that are highly effective, both in terms of scale and cost.”