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NHL Content and Promotion Tips

The NHL is back!

Will the NHL’s shortened season kill off interest in hockey betting this season? That’s a question that many sports betting affiliates are asking now that the hockey professionals are back in business after a labor dispute iced most of the 2012-2013 season.

It’s definitely not too late to drum up a little interest in the 2013 NHL season if you understand how the lockout impacts the betting public.

Hockey’s Hardcore Fans

Hockey betting is nowhere near as popular as other professional sports, but it’s a viable wagering market nonetheless.

The key to nailing down hockey bettors is to aim your content at hardcore fans because there’s really no such thing as a casual hockey bettor. These guys really know their stuff and won’t be impressed by anything short of serious handicapping and top-notch bonuses.

So if you’re not a hockey fan yourself, this is a good time to reach out to a young hockey blogger or freelancer and work out a deal with one.

The shortened season (it’s all conference game from here on out) has NHL bettors scrambling for quality picks and previews. That makes this season the perfect opportunity to reach NHL bettors who might normally fly under your radar.

Reaching Out to NHL Bettors

If you’re just getting into the NHL betting market, Twitter is a good place to start reaching out to bettors and fans. Twitter is, by far, the most commercial social media network and most of its users won’t be too put off by promotions and bonus offers (if done in moderation).

Remember also that the NHL is full of international players. Hockey crazed European countries like Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Sweden are all well represented in the NHL. These players are big stars in their homelands which also makes hockey betting content a good chance to reach out to international markets.

NHL Promotions

Nordic Bet Sportsbook – If you’re going to target international NHL fans, Nordic Bet is a great place to start. Their target markets are Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and they offer up to 100% deposit bonuses to players from those countries. Nordic Bet Partners who sign up through CAP can receive a 35% revenue share for their first three months.

Intertops Sportsbook – has been taking online wagers since 1996 and has a good mix of European and North American customers. They’re offering players up to a 25% sign on bonus. CAP readers can earn a 40% revenue share for their first three months and 20% after that.

Are you planning on promoting NHL betting? Share your ideas in the comments section below.