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Nevada July gambling revenue breaks all-time record

Nevada’s gambling business saw its best month ever in July 2021 as Silver State casinos hauled in $1.36 billion without the benefit of convention traffic. July’s smoking hot numbers shattered the previous monthly record of $1.23 billion, which was set in May, 2021. The question now is whether or not Nevada’s good time can survive the chaos brought on by the dreaded Delta variant?

As is normally the case with Nevada gambling revenue, most of the action took place on the fabled Las Vegas Strip. Vegas casinos brought in $793.7 million for the month. That cash haul was the largest single monthly take by Vegas casinos since gambling was legalized in the state back in 1931.

What’s more, is that Nevada’s record-breaking month came without the benefit of convention traffic. Conventions and business travel have all but flattened in the wake of the pandemic, but Nevada did host a few large events in July, including a Garth Brooks concert, the return of Cirque Du Soleil and UFC 264.

Slot machines have always been the biggest moneymakers for Nevada casinos and July 2021 proved to be no exception. The one-armed bandits hauled in $873.7 million for the month, up from $868.1 million in June. Table games brought in $468.2 million in July, which represented a 49.5 percent month-on-month jump, according to a report on iGaming Business.

Nevada casinos also benefited from a general public that was not doing particularly well at their gambling endeavors. The casino’s hold percentage clocked in at an astounding 19.77 percent, which represents a huge leap over the 12.03 percent hold they saw in July 2020.

While Nevada is enjoying the good news from July, it’s very possible that the news will not continue to be as good as the United States battles a COVID resurgence brought on by the Delta variant. If COVID trends continue as they are, Nevada’s gambling business might not have as much to celebrate in August and September.