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Monmouth Park To Offer First New Jersey Sports Betting

Monmouth Park race track will be the first gaming operation to offer sports betting in New Jersey. Monmouth head Dennis Drazen announced plans to apply for a state sports betting license making him the first gaming operator brave enough, or foolish enough, to join the state’s rogue efforts to legalize sports betting.

Monmouth Gambles on Sports Betting

Even though Garden State race tracks and casinos have been eligible to apply for a sports betting license for a couple of months, Monmouth is the first taker. That’s not surprising, given the expense of licensing ($50,000 application fee); the expense of actually building a sports book; and the uncertain outcome (the NFL is suing to halt the effort entirely).

Given the risks involved, it’s not surprising that Monmouth is hedging their bet own bets by offering free sports betting instead of actual cash betting in the initial roll out phase. Gamblers won’t be putting down, or winning, real cash but will compete for hotel comps and other prizes.

He plan on having his sport book up and running by the fall.

Here’s what Drazer had to say about the plan in a recent interview with

We definitely think we can do the free play without any concern about anyone raising a fuss. And once we’re licensed – I think by the time they actually give us a license – hopefully the courts will have heard the leagues’ request for the injunction.

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Drazer isn’t planning on fighting the major sports leagues himself, he’s going to leave that Governor Chris Christie and the states’ lawyers. If he had his way, he’d make the NFL’s longtime use of sports betting statistics the foundation of his argument in favor of legalization.

While the league’s hypocrisy on the subject is definitely distasteful, it’s not illegal.

Watch for much more on this story in the months ahead.

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