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How To Manage Multiple Affiliate Programs

Organization is an incredibly important attribute for any affiliate to possess. Managing affiliate programs requires knowing how to work with multiple software platforms to generate reports and acquire custom tracking codes. Affiliate software with the right features can be a powerful resource for managing campaigns across multiple sites and channels.
Here are some tips and tools worth consideration in the effort to manage affiliate programs effectively:
Use Income Access
Wouldn’t it be great if there was an affiliate software platform that enabled managing multiple campaigns across multiple sites and channels? Well, there is. For ten years now, Income Access has been making life easier on affiliates by consolidating iGaming affiliate programs into one network.
Income Access enables affiliates to promote dozens of the top gaming operators through a single software platform.
InterCasino and bet-at-home are just a couple of the top providers available to promote through the more than 22,000 gaming affiliates synced on the Income Access platform.
The Income Access software interface enables affiliates to unify integrate payments, affiliate communications, marketing tools, traffic reports, and custom tracking codes from all brands into one centralized program. Their software supports all forms of affiliate payment types and commission structures. Income Access also alleviates much of the hassle associated with geo-targeting traffic through their marketing tools designed to help affiliates deliver more specific marketing campaigns.
Income Access is 100% free of charge for affiliates. They make money by processing payments on behalf of affiliate programs. Income Access combines all merchant payments into a single sum so that affiliates receive a single payment each month directly from Income Access for their earnings. The minimum monthly threshold in order to receive a payment ranges from $60 to $500 depending on the preferred method of cashout.
In short, Income Access is an invaluable piece of affiliate software for managing multiple programs. It can make the life of an affiliate vastly easier by eliminating the headache of trying to manage multiple programs on different platforms.

Tips for Traditionalists
Understandably, some affiliates may have their reasons for choosing not to integrate the management of their affiliate programs into a single platform. Managing campaigns across multiple channels requires more organization and a familiarity with a wider variety of software platforms.
Here are some tips for handling the juggling act of managing affiliate programs on multiple sites:

  • use Excel to consolidate performance and stats for comparison purposes
  • diversify passwords to keep affiliate accounts secure
  • don’t stretch yourself out too thin (you don’t want 20-30 accounts to try to keep up with)
  • spend time familiarizing yourself with each software platform’s capabilities
  • develop habit of checking reports on regular basis to monitor irregularities in conversions

What is your approach to managing multiple affiliate programs? Please share with the others in our forums.