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Michigan Prioritizes Fight Against Problem Gambling

The State of Michigan is getting very serious about its efforts to fight problem gambling as regulated sports betting continues to make a large impact on American life. Earlier this week, state officials released the details of the FY2024-2025 budget which included roughly twice as many funds dedicated towards promoting responsible gambling while discouraging illegal and problematic gambling.

Under the new budget, which has the support of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, $4 million is earmarked for the Compulsive Gambling Prevention Fund.That money will be derived from a variety of sources, including the Michigan Gaming Control Board, regulated gaming operators and the Michigan State Lottery. Michigan officials have also earmarked $1.9 million to be used in the fight against illegal gambling.

Whitmer’s budget was welcomed by Michigan Gaming Control Board Executive Director Henry Williams who praised it in a press release saying, “The Michigan Gaming Control Board is committed to promoting responsible gaming and enhancing its existing regulatory frameworks to protect the interests of the citizens of the state of Michigan. As the Executive Director, I fully support the governor’s proposed budget recommendations, which allocate increased funds for compulsive gambling prevention initiatives and the expansion of iGaming regulatory capacity to counter illegal activities.”

Williams went on to point out the importance of focused regulation on internet gambling adding, “As iGaming continues to grow in popularity, enhanced regulatory oversight becomes indispensable in protecting vulnerable Michigan citizens, preventing money laundering, and mitigating the risks of fraudulent practices.”

As regulated sports betting continues to make inroads in American life, its clear that more states will be forced to follow Michigan’s lead and continually increase their efforts at fighting problem and illegal gambling.