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MaximBet NIL deal courts Colorado female athletes

MaximBet is looking to turn female college athletes in Colorado into brand ambassadors with a new plan that capitalizes on their newfound power to cash in on their likenesses. It’s an innovative strategy that should bring MaximBet plenty of positive press, while offering the athletes a chance to elevate their profiles. 

The plan, which is the first of its kind, offers a Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) deal to any college athlete in Colorado, so long as they are female. Company officials have made it clear that they mean any female athlete whether she’s playing at a Division I school like the University of Colorado, or a smaller Division III school like Western State. 

Not surprisingly, MaximBet’s offer comes with a few strings attached before the athletes can start cashing in. Athletes must follow MaximBet on social media and tag the company in their social media posts. Once players are signed up with MaximBet they receive a small payment and an invite to a company Halloween party. Players who garner the most engagement on their posts will receive additional cash compensation (though it’s unclear how much any of the payments will be). 

In a statement reported on by Barrett Sports Media, Doug Terfehr, VP of Brand and Communications, MaximBet described the company’s intentions saying, “We are part of the Colorado community, and we want our users to know that we support the team and athletes in their backyards. We hope as many qualified young women who love playing for their college or university take advantage of this offer and recognize that we support them in everything they do.”

MaximBet is definitely ahead of the curve with this marketing strategy and it will be interesting to see what sort of response they get from Colorado athletes. Regardless, the plan alone is enough to let Colorado players know that MaximBet is licensed to do business in their state.