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Make Your Content Marketing Pay Off Big With These Simple Steps

Implementing an effective content marketing can be a lonely, frustrating affair. There’s no shortage of web publishers who’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into a plan only to watch it fizzle out when the content just goes nowhere.

If you’ve ever put in the work but just can’t figure out why your social media reach and page views are stagnant, we’ve got a few tips that could help turn things around.

The fact is, you may be doing everything right when it comes to content marketing, but you’re simply getting drowned by the competition.

According to a recent posting from content guru Neil Patel, “The number of pages Google has indexed over 7 years from 2008 to 2014 has increased from 1 trillion to 30 trillion.” That’s a lot of competition. And here are a couple ways to help your work stand out.

Be Original

This advice might sound obvious, but experienced content marketers know that it’s worth consideration. After all, the internet is the biggest echo chamber on the planet and plenty of content marketing types happily jump on whatever they think draws in readers, no matter how unoriginal it may be.

Taking the time to research a fresh take on a subject that matters to your readers is time well spent. If they’re getting original content from you, they’re much less likely to be reading rehashed content elsewhere.

Focus on the Basics

Internet gambling isn’t second nature to everyone, which is why how-to videos are a real boon for content creators. Of course you’ll want to maintain reasonable production standards so your videos don’t look like something that was shot at a kidnapper’s hideout.

That said, with a minimal amount of effort, just about anyone can create high quality video guides that users really love.


Content producers would be wise to heed Patel’s final piece of advice, “Share only the best.” Not only do you not need to share every piece of content you create, your readers probably don’t want you to do this either.

Always put your best foot forward and don’t overwhelm your readers with non-stop social media posts.

If you can start tightening up your game, there’s a much better chance your content will rise above the rest of the content marketing herd.