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Long Tail Keywords Still Pack SEO Punch

SEO best practices are constantly changing and techniques that work today might be page rank poison tomorrow.

Long tail keywords, however, continue to pack a punch, despite Panda and Penguin’s best efforts.

SEO guru Neil Patel recently addressed how long tail keywords can boost SEO in a recent blog post on titled, The State of SEO: What’s Working Now. Here are few of Patel’s SEO techniques that still work.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords have long been the workhorses of the SEO world and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. According to Patel, a whopping 90% of visitors to his site were directed there by long tail keywords.

Besides providing a service to players, who get exactly what they’re looking for, long tail keywords are a good value got SEOs. You won’t have to compete as hard for poker bonuses for beginners as you would for poker or poker bonuses.

Developing good long tail keywords means spending some quality time with a research tool like Google’s Keyword Analyzer. Think of that time as an investment that’s going to keep paying off over the long haul.


Infographics, and other sharable media, is the new currency of the realm in SEO circles. While the actually creating the graphics can be daunting, they do offer a pretty sweet ROI.

Patel recommends these three tips for long tail keyword loaded Infographic success:

  • Make them unique.
  • Keep them relevant.
  • Go heavy on the statistics.
  • Make them look great.

Patel also suggests adding a short descriptive paragraph at the end of the Infographic to help bring those long-tail to the forefront.

Quality Content

Of course the easiest way to utilize the power of long-tail keywords is through good content. Natural language, relevant, content provides real value to your readers and is exactly the kind of content Google is looking for these days.

Harnessing the power of long tail keywords is bulletproof SEO.

What SEO techniques are still working for you? Share your tips in the comments section below.