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Ladbrokes Leads in Mobile Product Satisfaction

Ladbrokes – one of the leading British betting companies – has really kicked their mobile game up a notch recently. As reported by eGaming Review Insights, Ladbrokes beats the competition when it comes to mobile and tablet product satisfaction.

The original study / survey rated various operators across a number of specific parameters. The respondents pointed out Ladbrokes as the leader in mobile product satisfaction, closely followed by William Hill (and Betfair sitting at the very bottom).

This has to do with a lot of factors. One of which being the mobile design itself that Ladbrokes currently offers. When we take a look at their site, we can see a clear one-column layout, with big elements and blocks that are quite different from one another.

Even though the design itself is not stunning or even pretty by any means, it does achieve the goal of delivering the contents quickly and clearly.

The users don’t have to browse around for too long until they find what they came for. Such an approach is surely something all affiliates can learn from when building their own mobile designs.

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What Ladbrokes is doing, however, has one more underlying goal behind everything. The World Cup is coming, and the company wants to capitalize on it as much as possible.

Events like this always bring new players to sports betting – people who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in it – who want to support their favorite teams.

Mobile is going to be an important part of the whole picture. It’s only intuitive that a lot of bets will come through on mobile during matches or right before kick off, as people wouldn’t want to leave their TV sets.

One of Ladbrokes representatives said that they are “just at the start” and that they surely won’t be resting on their laurels. He then followed that “we are all now focused on the World Cup and ensuring Ladbrokes mobile gives the best customer experience.”

The survey by eGR covers lots of other things, not only about Ladbrokes, and also looks at the overall shape of the UK online gaming sector (customer activity, operator comparisons, etc.). If you want to order the whole thing and analyze it yourself, feel free to contact Ben Robinson of eGR directly.

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