Analyzing the Mobile User Experience Is Crucial to App Optimization

Getting your own app designed and created is one thing, but then analyzing how actual users interact with it and what you can do to make it better is something completely different.

In fact it’s often the latter part that’s more crucial to your app’s success.

The core of the challenge is that you can never be sure what the impression of your app will be, and for that reason you really should invest in some app analytics tools.

Web Solutions

When it comes to websites, there are a lot of tools to choose from, many of them free or at least offering free trials. We have the obvious Google Analytics, we have Clicky, we have CrazyEgg.

However, there isn’t that much choice for tracking and analyzing mobile apps specifically.

The main difficulty is that it doesn’t always make sense to track pure numbers when dealing with apps. The interfaces and UX can vary a lot from app to app, so it’s much more crucial to somehow follow the path of individual users as a whole.

By the looks of things, Appsee is a tool that delivers this functionality and offers a number of features that will surely come handy.


A heatmap is an interesting concept in analytics. Basically, the tool records the number of clicks/taps on specific areas of the screen, and then presents the data in a way that resembles a heatmap.

This is a great way for you to see how effective your calls to action are, or generally, how attractive your whole offer is among other information displayed inside your app.

With this data, you can optimize the design of your app so it generates the most clicks right where your call to action is.

User Recordings

Appsee seems to be particularly effective when looking at individual user’s path through different screens of your app.

The tool records the actions that a given user performs and then plays them back to you when needed. This sort of insight is invaluable for testing whether users get from offer to offer the way you intended them to.

Real-Time In-App Reporting

This final part is about giving you a dashboard that displays the different parameters of your app’s screens. With it, you can analyze what’s the percentage of users that clicked your offer, registered an account, or took any other kind of action that’s important to you.

In the end, Appsee presents an interesting way for affiliates and all online marketers to monitor the exact way the users interact with their creations.