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International Offers vs. Market-Specific Offers: A Head-to-Head Comparison

International Offers Market Specific Offers
Potential Audience
The world’s a pretty big place and these offers cast a pretty wide net. Sales is, and always will be, a numbers game. Smaller potential audience, but when you’re targeting specific niches, your chances of converting is much higher.
Qualified Leads
They’ll get the message, but you might also risk overwhelming everyone else. It’s a smaller pool, but the fish are potentially much larger.
Content Issues
Lack of localized content can be discouraging to non-native speakers.
Content can be tailored to specific languages, increasing conversions along the way.
Social Media Marketing Potential
Great if you’ve got a large following. Not-so-great for smaller groups. Good if you’ve targeted your followers in various niches.
E-Mail Marketing Issues
If the offer is too general to really grab attention in the subject line, e-mail might not be the best way of promoting this type of offer. Must be focused with a very specific call-to-action.
Database Development
Broad offers like this can help you cull bad e-mails from your database. Focused marketing efforts like this can help you build a better demographic picture of your players.
Whale Hunting Opportunities
General offers like this are more likely to convert larger numbers of small-deposit players. Targeted marketing is much more effective for netting high worth players.