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How Do Gambling Affiliate Programs Compare With Other Affiliate Programs?

Affiliates in search of the best paying affiliate programs often find themselves in the iGaming space. But how do gambling affiliate programs compare with other affiliate marketing programs?
Here are rankings of the different types of high paying affiliate programs with information on difficulty in setting up, conversion rates, and earning potential:
Gambling Affiliate Programs
When it comes to high paying affiliate programs, it’s hard to top gambling. As a result of the money that exists in gambling affiliate programs, the barrier to entry in this industry is markedly higher than in lesser-paying affiliate niches. More money brings tougher competition.
Conversion rates in this space vary wildly depending on a number of factors including strength of the gambling affiliate program. In terms of set-up, iGaming affiliates are able to hit the ground running. Consider the story of Brian Buckley who was able to earn in excess of $100,000 per month with his gambling affiliate business less than a year after entering the space.
Health Affiliate Programs
Prospective affiliates in search of top paying affiliate programs often turn health affiliate programs. Since the health industry is so huge, the opportunities are nearly endless for setting up an affiliate business in this niche.
Conversion rates in the health affiliate industry are determined in large part by the merchant customers are being directed to. Some established merchants can enjoy conversion rates as high as 25%. But since the health industry is so large, there is a huge disparity in conversion rates between the established providers and up-start companies yet to establish themselves and their product.
Setting up a health affiliate program requires quite a bit of up-front work to determine which products to promote. Everything from sleeping pills to fitness equipment falls into this category, so prospective health products affiliates are advised to do their research on this highly variable industry before diving in head-first to promote products.
Business Affiliate Programs
Businesses typically have deeper pockets than individuals which is why many affiliates choose to target the most profitable affiliate programs with products being marketed towards small businesses. This is a large reason behind why subscription prices to various online services command a higher price if the purchasing entity is a business rather than an individual.
Conversion rates in small business affiliate programs again will vary dramatically based on the merchant. However, many opportunities for better conversion rates exist when marketing to businesses. For instance, merchants like Office Depot which cater primarily to business supply needs have one of the best conversion rates in affiliate marketing. Additionally, the software industry offers higher conversion rates than any affiliate programs from any other vertical.
The set up time required to build an affiliate business that targets needs of small businesses is more challenging than gambling affiliate programs. First, large merchants like Office Depot have a higher barrier to entry with their affiliate program and may not accept everyone. There is also a larger hurdle to clear for affiliate marketers hoping to attract attention from businesses since there are fewer potential clients and a stronger level of competition in this high paying affiliate programs niche.