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Integrating Other Strategies Into Your Affiliate Model

Creating new marketing strategies as an affiliate can often be done pretty easily due to the dynamic nature of web advertising. Affiliates have the flexibility to change financial models gradually by testing out different payment options with programs. Here are some alternative strategies – both financial and marketing – to help you expand what you’re doing now.
Mastering Marketing
Is your approach to affiliate marketing one-dimensional? Web advertisers are afforded a lot of maneuvering room in order to integrate new strategies into their marketing approach.
It costs affiliate marketers very little other than time in order to try different marketing strategies. What doesn’t work for others might work magic for you. Are there new marketing strategies you can try in order to see how they work for you?
Here are just a few new marketing strategies worth testing for your business:

  • banner advertising
  • email marketing
  • social media
  • community message boards
  • mobile marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • content submissions
  • referral contests
  • call-to-action campaigns
  • exclusive sign-up incentives

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to create conversions for your business. Don’t fall into the pattern of expecting the same actions to produce the same results. The iGaming marketing game is always changing. What worked last year might be nearly ineffective now. Keep trying new things to see what’s working and stay relevant.
Split testing is a great tool for enabling affiliates to compare their current marketing scheme to a new strategy. Get a side-by-side look at how your current approach compares to an alternative strategy to create definitive answers about which approach works best for you.
Split testing is a great luxury afforded to those in the web space where the real estate is all virtual. Placement of banner ads, email marketing subject lines, which programs to promote, and even different site design schemes are all just a few of the ways split testing can be used to optimize revenues.
Financial Focus
Once you’ve made it to the threshold of getting paid as an affiliate, one of life’s good problems presents itself: how do you prefer to be paid?
It’s an age-old struggle for iGaming affiliates in trying to determine whether to be paid based on a per-player model, revenue share, or hybrid approach.
Revenue share models tend to be most preferred by iGaming sites since they give affiliates incentive to keep promoting their brand even to existing players. With a CPA approach, once a conversion has been made the affiliate is under less direct incentive to hope that player continues generating revenue for the operator.
Affiliates should approach their financial model strategy with a risk vs. reward mindset. Revenue share models tend to be riskier but can be fabulously more rewarding long-term and result in years of passive cash-flow from a few high-earning players. However, revenue sharing can leave marketers empty-handed if their players prove to be worth little.
A smart approach is to experiment between financial agreements with different operators. Splitting your financial strategy between revenue share and CPA approaches can expose you to the best of both worlds and keep a less variable stream of income rolling in.
Since revenue share deals require more focus on player retention, it can be a good choice for programs you promote the most. For programs you work with less, a CPA deal might be wiser.