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How to Build Better Landing Pages

When building a landing page around an existing campaign or affiliate offer, you must focus on what matters… and that is getting the visitor to take action. Casino and online gambling sites are known for having some of the best design work around. However, for an affiliate to spend thousands of dollars on a landing page to promote these offers… well, that just isn’t necessary. Instead you will just need to focus on what works, and that’s driving the point across to make the end user CLICK and take action now!
Challenge the Viewer
This one will work well in the poker space, as it’s the only real game where you can consider skill a factor. Showing top scores, winners, prizes and active competitions are a great way to get the user engaged. Using keywords like “Do you have what it takes to beat a pro?“, or “Can you beat today’s top player?” are powerful statements that will get your audience flowing with emotion, and saying, “Yea! I can beat that guy!”… enticing them to sign up and make a quick deposit into their players account.
In the banner to the right, you will see the ad copy “Take Down a Pro, Win $100“. How would you like to have bragging rights among your friends to say that you were the one to beat a pro poker player online! It’s this type of word play and mind games that get people interested and taking action.
Incentive with BONUSES
Online gambling web sites are known for their bonus payouts and signup offers. This is probably one of the biggest plays you can make on your landing page for getting a user to take action. “Deposit $100 and Get $200 Free!“. Since you are creating a landing page, you don’t need to go into the massive details of the sign up and deposit bonus, since they were likely see it again when they sign up on the actual web site. Almost every gambling, poker and sports betting site is throwing their signup bonuses right in the users face. Do the same thing with your landing pages.

Time Sensitive Landing Pages
Speaking of incentivizing landing pages with bonuses that are offered from online casinos, don’t forget about making them time sensitive issues on your landing pages. Using methods like a count down click, or date specific landing pages is a great way to get the viewer to take immediate action, as the offer may not be around tomorrow. They may seem silly, but they still work. Exclusivity is key when it comes to making someone want to take immediate action.
Just think about the bingo industry and how all of their players are waiting on new games to start and end. If you are promoting a Bingo related offer, you should be pushing landing pages that say something like “Our next game starts in 32 seconds… Click here to play now!“.
How To Build Better Landing Pages
Let’s go even one level deeper, yet still keeping the incentive and time sensitive issues in mind. We all know that sports betting is huge, but you can take advantage of the playoffs of big games / match-ups during the season that everyone will be watching. “Will the Heat Win it All in 2012?“, “How Long Will the Tebow Streak Last?“… you can come up with creative landing pages that grab people’s attention nearly anywhere. The best part about matching sport/athelete and event specific landing pages, is that you can advertise directly to these audiences through cpv advertising and through social targeting on Facebook Ads.
How To Build Better Landing Pages
One of the best ways to get new ideas and to see what is working, is to look at all of the different landing pages and online gambling sites out there. While going through Google Images, I was able to come across a landing page from BingoCabin, and it demonstrates a bunch of the points we already discussed.

  • In Your Face Deposit & Bonus Area
  • Time Sensitive Jackpot Amounts
  • Real Photos of Real Winners

Combining all of these factors will result in the best landing pages and conversions for your ad campaigns. Be sure to keep split testing your landing by adding/removing different area, while also playing with colors and placement.
Even ugly landing pages work well, so don’t feel discouraged if you are not the best designer around. There are plenty of low cost designers that you can find to work on your project, or you can even play around with free landing page templates and wordpress themes that are available throughout the web. It’s all about testing and getting new landing pages out there.
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