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Increase Player Conversions

When you’re promoting to online casino players, it’s imperative to get an understanding of who the players are, where they come from and most importantly, how to convert them into depositing players. Once you have an idea of your target market, it will make it substantially easier to drive marketing initiatives that will appeal to them which will drive up your conversion rate. Geo-targeting can be a daunting process but there are various techniques that can be used to promote conversion.

  • Essentially you want players to click on your links or banners and make a deposit. Your layout and overall design will either aid or hinder this – the right banners and links will lead the reader to the casino site and should effectively grab the reader’s attention.
  • Having a strong call to action that is a focal point on your site is vital, especially if the copy is lengthy. Most players tend to lose interest by the middle of a post and the call to action should therefore be presented to them within the first half of your content.
  • You can aid the process of conversion by always giving your readers the opportunity to go wherever they want within your site. But, be careful not to confuse readers by inundating them with too many banners or messages that don’t facilitate easy navigation.
  • The idea of getting something more than you bargained for aids new player conversion tremendously. Free Spins and loyalty points are inexpensive yet effective for conversion. Remember that free-play offers might fill up the funnel with registrations but can drive down overall conversion percentage.
  • Most affiliate sites punt the same unique selling points that offer nothing unique to stand out among competitors. Statistics have shown that offering something new and distinctive will keep you ahead of other affiliate sites by 95%. Speak to your affiliate relationship manager to help you optimise your campaigns with this initial focus.
  • When emailing affiliates it is imperative to have a reliable email infrastructure to help the success of your conversion campaign. This coupled with Send Time Optimisation is half your battle won.
  • Template design and copy should be targeted, exciting and engaging. A short and concise subject line, that has no spam triggers, is essential.
  • 57% of marketers are not doing any tests to improve their email campaign or newsletter results.  Even worse, 66.2% of marketers have not tested their landing pages or web sites to improve conversions. So GET TESTING, it’s a marketing best practice that can help increase ecommerce conversions by 20 to 25%.

Creating more player conversions is more of an art than an exact science. You have to test and monitor what works while having contingency plans to counteract initiatives that aren’t successful. Attracting and providing valuable incentives to your players will ultimately lead to you achieving conversion objectives.

About the Author:

Fortune Affiliates’ Conversion Manager, Shanta Segabon, works exclusively on player conversions, coming up with novel ways to reel in players and appeal to their latent needs. With over six years of conversion experience, Shanta is the go-to girl when it comes to converting players by applying extensive industry insight and ‘out of the box’ thinking.