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What is iGaming?

What is iGaming? If you’re currently a casino affiliate, or even just researching the most profitable affiliate programs out there, it’s a definition that you should definitely know.

iGaming is generally understood to be any online activity that involves a real-money wager. This includes everything from online slot play to online poker to online sports betting.

It’s important to note that iGaming, and online gaming are not necessarily the same thing. For example, professional video game play, such as League of Legends, is not a form of iGaming. This type of video game play is generally referred to as online gaming.

Wagering on the outcome of League of Legends match, however, would definitely qualify as iGaming.

There are a few corners of the internet that can give pause for thought as to the real meaning of iGaming. Social casinos are a nice illustration of this point.  Because the vast majority of social players won’t ever use real money to purchase chips at a social casino, it’s not usually thought of as true iGaming.

That said, social casinos can be a profitable niche for affiliate marketing, but it’s a very different market than traditional casino affiliate marketing.

While iGaming is a term that’s commonly used among people working in gaming and casino affiliate marketing businesses, it’s not a term that pulls much weight legally. Lawmakers across the world almost exclusively use terms internet gambling when describing the legal specifics of real-money online gambling.

Understanding legal and casual uses of the term iGaming is worth knowing if you’re going to pursue the best affiliate marketing programs in the iGaming business. So stick to established iGaming resources such as Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP), iGaming Business, and LegalSportsReport as you move forward in your affiliate marketing business.