How to Increase Your Conversions From SEO

When it comes to getting free visitors from around the web, SEO is only part of the game. An equally important thing is making sure that those free visitors convert – that they take whatever action you want them to take.

In other words, all your SEO efforts will mean nothing if you’re then failing to convert your visitors at a good enough rate.

The secret to doing so is all about understanding what certain words mean and what type of visitors use them.

When we look at it from a bird’s-eye-view perspective then they’re basically only three types of visitors on Google. There are people who are ready to buy, people who need more information, and people who need convincing.

Following this thought, we can also say that there are three types of keywords that reflect those three personas.

Now, the difficult part for your SEO is that you can’t hope to rank the same kind of page for all three groups of users, and therefore all three groups of keywords.

For example, a page that’s meant to cater to users who are ready to buy a certain product will be very different from a page meant to serve people looking for information.

The former needs to be a standard Order Page, with some social proof elements, safety seals and other badges boosting the perceived security credentials of the seller, plus of course a buy button.

Whereas the latter should focus on the details of the thing you’re promoting, maybe present some comparisons, reviews, demos, or anything else that delivers more information, and only then links to the next step – the sale.

The final group of users – those who need convincing – have to be treated like cold leads that don’t know what they want yet. A standard sales page or squeeze page with some original content should do a good job here.

Understanding The Keywords

Increasing your conversions from SEO is all about understanding the user intent when they search for a particular keyword.

If you manage to evaluate it correctly and deliver exactly what users need, they will pay attention and take you up on your offers. But if you do this wrong, you will have a very hard time converting random SEO visitors to quality leads.

You can go through all the keywords you’re chasing right now and make sure that your landing pages match the possible user intent.

The old-school way of just using a standard sales page on every page you’ve managed to rank on Google won’t be of much use these days.