FIFA World Cup 2014 Winners & Losers

Loser: Anyone Banking on the Big Boys
Central Europe has produced winners in six of the last ten World Cup Finals and, of course, Germany was the winner in this year’s Finals.
That said, this wasn’t a particularly good year for teams from heavily populated Central European countries. Recent Cup winners including France, Italy and Spain were all knocked out relatively in the competition. (England, of course, was never really in the hunt.)
The failure of the big boys to really compete was not good news for sports betting affiliates who most certainly would have seen a lot more action from a France/Germany or Spain/Italy-style match up.
Marquee events like the World Cup draw out casual punters who, buoyed by national pride, are willing to make the leap to online wagering. Although Argentina is no slouch in the population department with 41 million citizens, an all-European final would have been much better business for sports betting affiliates.