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How to Get Player Feedback That Will Make Your Marketing Smarter

Your ability to understand your players’ needs can make or break your affiliate business. The thing about being in this line of career is that you always have to strive to deliver the exact thing your customers need/want the most. And the challenging part is to find a way to discover what those needs actually are.

There are many methods that big companies use to achieve this, and they mainly involve hiring PR agencies and spending a lot of money on the research process. But today, we want to focus on something a lot cheaper yet still effective for feedback and marketing an online business. Just three elements:

1. Social Media

Social media is one of the most valuable sources of information about your players and their behaviors online.

However, in order to do this effectively, you should build a following around your site first. Reaching out to your followers is always easier than trying to contact complete strangers. Once you have some social media presence, all you have to do, and the actual best thing you can do is to simply ask them a specific question.

You can do it either as an open question. Like: “What do you think about the technique_x in online_gaming_related_problem?” Or you can provide some alternative answers, like: “Do you prefer to be contacted with new promotions via email or social media?” The possibilities are endless, and the only thing limiting you is your own imagination.

2. Your Website

If you’re using WordPress to run your site then there are literally dozens of plugins that can help you to gather user feedback.

Let’s just list four, and you don’t even need all of them at the same time. In most cases, just one or two will be enough.

Usernoise modal feedback. Very easy to use plugin. Right after activating it, you’ll see a new icon next to your sidebar. The visitors can click it to leave their feedback.

WebEngage Feedback. This is actually much more than just a feedback plugin. You can use it to resolve support queries and conduct surveys as well. Every visitor can even submit pictures along with their messages, so it’s quite powerful.

Social Polls by OpinionStage. It’s a social polling and voting solution where visitors can vote with their social media profiles. Such a setup can drive additional traffic to your site.

WP-Polls. This is the traditional polling plugin for WordPress. Create simple polls and publish them in the sidebar of your site.

3. Email Feedback

The last piece of the puzzle is to use your email newsletter for some direct interaction with your audience.

Just like with social media, you can ask people questions through this channel too. Doing it from time to time is actually a great idea. First of all, you get some answers from real people. Secondly, sending such email ensures your audience that you’re a genuine person and not just a site that’s running on autopilot.

Of course, all feedback is pointless if you do nothing about the things you’ve found out, so taking action is the next thing to do.