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How Casino Affiliates Can Run a Catchy, Effective Facebook Page

Honestly, online casino affiliates and Facebook (FB) do not get along very well. If you have a successful FB page for your website, then consider yourself a very lucky exception, and know that all those hours of your life you considered stolen away by social media granted you a thorough understanding of what people like and don’t like on FB that many would kill for. If you also spent hours on FB, but never manged to kick off your Facebook page, we don’t blame you, we get it, all those bikini shots with different guys that your ex posted were just too much to handle. Today, we will give you your hours back as we try to equip you with 3 tools that might redefine the way in which you run your FB page, and can also give you a few ideas to implement in case you already have one.

Step 1. Create a “curiosity gap”

Recent research by experts in some of the most popular websites on the net has revealed more insights into what makes people engage with FB content. They call it the “formula to virality,” and whereas they cannot give you a simple formula for it, they have figured out that the first step into engaging Facebook land is to create a “curiosity gap”.

Here, being obsessed with your ex could come in handy. Imagine that you are making a post with the intent to leave her wanting more. For example: posting “I just bought a new BMW with all the money my website is making” states a lot of facts, good facts, but it doesn’t leave anyone wondering what it is all about, and your ex will confirm you are an arrogant prick. You might be better off saying: “People will be mind-blown when they see my new ride” compels people to check out your car, even if it is to make fun of you with her new boyfriend.

You're welcome.

So for your promotions you could say “The Best Welcome Bonus This Summer is Here For You,” or “One of Those Welcome Bonus That Is Actually Worth Your Time” You get the point, add puns and personality to taste.

Of course if you have a promotion for which you can say “$4,000 No Deposit Bonus, No Wagering Requirements” then you don’t need any tricks, be selective.

Step 2. Give Them a Visual Hook

Now that you have created lines that engage people you need to give them something good to look at. People like drama, and that is just a sad fact of life. Pick images with good resolution, and modify them if you need to create a WTF or a LOL moment in them.

One of Those Welcome Bonuses That is Actually Worth Your Time

This image could work better than a picture of someone with cash, or the casino logo. You could add something flashy like a coloful arrow or a click here button to emphasize. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Step 3. Trial and Error.

There are times when a phrase and image combination will compel everyone to click, and sometimes you’ll be back on square one. The secret to overcoming this is to try at least three different combinations for the same promotion. You can then judge what your followers prefer and what style works better for you.

We hope you found this helpful, there is a lot to learn when it comes to FB and we will address it on future posts. In the meantime, please post any questions or comments and we’ll get back to you!