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Adding a Second Language to Your Website: Good or Bad Idea?

There are two routes that may suggest that it is time for you to add a second language to your website:

  1. You have a penetrated a second market niche and the NEED for it arises. This means that you already have a built audience that speaks another language. For American affiliates, this audience will usually be Spanish speakers. Whereas it is rare that a community that speaks another language will naturally form on your website, it can happen and if you address the need early enough it can certainly earn you more traffic and extra revenue.
  2. You are interested in another market niche and are looking to PULL IN a new demographic. This is the most common factor that pushes casino affiliates to add a second language to their website. You can learn a bit about this by looking at online casinos and how they have added versions of their software in many other languages, depending on the region of the world they are targeting. If you are seeking to enter the European market, check the IP addresses of your visitors or target a specific region, andthen add that language. The process needs to be slow, but steady as you build your new audience.

If you find yourself in any of those situations, then you should keep reading about the pros and cons of adding a second language so you can make an informed decision.


  • The English language market is saturated with competition. 40 percent of Internet users are in Asia, 10 percent in Latin America (which accounts for over 200 million people), and 25 percent are in Europe.
  • A second language will bring more traffic to your website, and it will potentially allow you to develop a new audience that feels comfortable with what you offer.
  • You will be able to grow you business outside of your country, which means a larger audience and more exposure in the online casino world.
  • When you enter a foreign market, your gamblers might use a foreign currency. Foreign currencies will be handled by the online casinos so you don’t have too much work to do in this area. Sometimes these currencues are worth more than the one you work with, so your revenue has potential to increase.


  • If you don’t speak the other language, you will need to hire someone who does and can keep up with the new audience.
  • If your domain is not obvious (casino/gambling/etc) then you will have to work more on your SEO in the foreign language.
  • If your gamblers use a weaker currency, you might not see a substantial growth in revenue from your new users. However, you can target a second language in your region and not worry about money losing value (i.e. Canada: French and English; US: English and Spanish, etc.)
  • Every new thing that you add has to be added in the two languages; or you need to create different offers for your two different audiences.

Adding a second language can increase your revenue and add a lot of virtual value to your website, but it also comes with its challenges. If you are ready to take on the challenges and you think the risk is worthwhile, we absolutely recommend it. If you are still hesitant, wait a little longer before you jump the fence just so you are ready to make the move full-force.