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Hey Rook! Are You Making These Common Website Design Mistakes?

Casino affiliate website design is a complicated business where even the smallest error can create a revenue-killing ripple effect.
Even worse, most beginning affiliates (and even a few of the really experienced ones) frequently have no idea they’ve even made these mistakes.
Rookie mistakes, and some guidance on fixing them, were the subject of a recent article on titled, Five Rookie Website Mistakes You Can Fix Today, by Andy Crestodina. Here’s a quick look at few of Crestodina’s tips that are particularly relevant for anyone trying to make it in the internet gambling world.
Tell Me About Yourself
In the rush to get out there and start converting players, a lot of affiliates skip over some essential brand-building basics. For instance, plenty of casino gambling sites don’t give any indication as to who they are, and what they do.
If potential players visit your sites and see nothing but a collection of links and reviews, you’re selling everyone short. Making your mission and your brand and clear as possible to everyone who stops by your site is simple as is as it essential.
Crestodina suggests stepping back and squinting your eyes in order to see your site the way first-time visitors see it. If you can’t figure out what the heck you’re selling from this perspective, your players probably won’t be figuring it out either.
Social Share Button Chaos
While you’re checking out your mission statement from afar, you might be surprised to find out how much attention your social share buttons are drawing.
These brightly colored add-ons are definitely an essential part of today’s web marketing landscape, but they can also be a major distraction.
If social share buttons are drawing end-user eyes away from your content and promotions, consider making them smaller, or using a black and white button.
Crestodina also warns WordPress users to be careful of social share plug-ins that overdo it in the self-promotion department.
He strongly suggests that WordPress designers look closely at what type text these plug-ins generate on Tweets and other auto-generated social postings.
As it turns out, this text will oftentimes include promotional link for the plug-in designers and that’s about as distracting to end-users as you can imagine.
Website design is a process that offers much in the way of potential benefits for gambling affiliates, but is wrought with danger. That’s why the testing process is so incredibly important.
Objective testing, preferably by someone who wasn’t too invested in the design process, can suss out these distractions before they start costing you money.