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Here’s What Your Boss Doesn’t Know About SEO

Sometimes, the toughest aspect of implementing a new SEO strategy is simply getting buy-in from the people you work with, especially those folks at the top of the org chart.

Bosses, it turns out, come at SEO from a different perspective than the people who are actually implementing SEO strategies and campaigns.

To say this can be a bit of a problem is something of an understatement. This predicament was the subject of a recent posting on by Trond Lyngbo titled, 4 Things Most Leaders Don’t Understand About SEO.

If you’re planning on pitching an SEO or content marketing strategy anytime in the near future, here a few pieces of Lyngbo’s advice you’ll want to consider.

SEO is Integrated, Not Tacked On
Bosses love quick fixes, but that’s not a benefit that a good SEO strategy offers. Organizational leaders need to understand that SEO is not a module that gets plugged into a system and offers immediate results.

At the same time, a good SEO campaign will change your overall profile to search engines over time and offer the kinds of results bosses love…but they’ve got to be patient and you’re the one who’s going to have to convince them to be patient.

SEO is Data-Driven
Hunches and gut feelings are great when you’re brainstorming, but data rules the roost once the campaign is underway. Analytics present facts and facts are tough to argue with.

Lyngo sums up the value of actually working off of data when he says:

If only a tiny fraction of what you do is effective in bringing you desirable results, why repeat everything that doesn’t work again next year? Stop doing it!

Analytic tools are there for a reason and ignoring them is something you do at your own risk.

Good Content is What Really Matters
An effective SEO can bring visitors to your site, but it won’t bring them back if you’re not offering good content to them once they arrive.

Your SEO is not something your customers are ever going to notice, but your content is something they care deeply about. If you’re spending tons of money on an SEO consultant while hiring freelancers at a pittance to write your content, you’re not doing anyone any favors.

SEO has a lot to offer that your bosses should be thrilled to hear, the challenge is to get them to accept that SEO is not a quick fix but a long term strategy.