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Hackers Post Stolen Casino Rama Data

The cyber criminals responsible for hacking into the Casino Rama, a tribal casino in Ontario, Canada, have upped the stakes in their game by posting reams of personal data from their big haul.
Casino Rama, which is run by the Rama Band, was initially hit by the hackers late last week in a breach that captured more than decade’s worth of the casino’s most sensitive data. Included in the hacked files were social insurance numbers from patrons dating back to 2004; requests for credit; and files detailing which customers owe the casino big bucks.
Unfortunately for Casino Rama, their customers weren’t the only ones impacted by the hack. Employee files ranging from applications to payroll information.
Casino Rama CEO John Drake told the Globe and Mail that his company regretted the hack and was working around the clock to secure their systems.
Unfortunately for Drake and the Ramas, things went from bad to worse the day after the attack when the hackers released began appearing online along with taunts from the responsible parties.
According to a report on, a note appeared with the pilfered information saying, “…“no security systems were in place leaving the whole casino network wide open,” and, “…that they take the protection of data and customer information seriously when really they don’t.”
It’s not clear at this point whether or not the data was released as part of an extortion plot. Such schemes are becoming increasingly common with cyber criminals threatening to release their stolen information unless they’re paid off, usually in bitcoin.
Casino Rama’s troubles grew even worse at the end of last week when a Toronto attorney filed a class action lawsuit against the casino for $50 million on behalf of the people whose information was stolen. The lawsuit alleges that Casino Rama didn’t take cyber security, or previous threats from hackers seriously.
A representative for Casino Rama maintains that the company took all necessary precautions; is cooperating fully with law enforcement; and is limited in the amount of information it can share with the public at this time.