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Google+ Rolls Out New Business Features

Google + is rolling out a new set of tool designed specifically for business users. The new features are part of Google’s larger efforts to capture market share from Microsoft Windows by enticing more enterprise users to their products.

The new enhancements, private sharing, video integration, and administrative controls, allow business users a greater level of control over the low-key social network. Enterprise users can now utilize an administrative dashboard to control use access within the organization and create private postings.

In a move that’s clearly aimed at Skype, Google + business users can now create private Google hangouts. This should provide the company compete with other online video conferencing products like Skype.

Will Affiliates Use Google + Business Tools?

So are these enhancements a good fit for affiliate partners? It all depends on the scale of your business. For mid-sized companies with international offices, the Google software suite could be a good alternative to Windows Office.

There could be a hidden SEO benefit to using these products. Google has definitely shown a preference for its own products and savvy SEOs know that posting items in Google +, whether anyone shares them or not, can boost traffic.

Google +’s new features will be free for Google Apps users until the end of 2013.

Will you be using the new Google + tools or is Skype all the video conferencing you can handle? Let us know in the comments section below.