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Google Rolls Out Multi-Week Update

Brace yourselves for another Google algortihm update. According to SEO media sources like, the search engine giant is in the midst of an update that’s being released over the course of several weeks.

So far details on the update are pretty sketchy,  but its existence was confirmed by webspam chief, Matt Cutts while replying to a question on his Twitter account saying:

Multi-week rollout going on now, from next week all the way to the week after July 4th.

Of course acknowledging an update and actually explaining it are two totally different things. That said, SEO watchers won’t be surprised to find out Cutts provided no further details.

So what exactly is this latest update? Two theories that seem to hold water include a Panda update and/or an adjustment to the last big update (now known as Payday Loans or Spammy Queries.)

SEO experts like Barry Schwartz are skeptical about the prospect of a new Panda update because Google has already said that’s going to be a multi-day rollout, not a multi-week rollout.

Given the troubles that stemmed from Spammy Queries/Payday Loans, it’s possible that this current update is an effort to correct those problems.

Whatever the case, don’t expect Google to be forthcoming with details. Though they did announce the last Penguin update, they’ve made it clear that they won’t be providing information on updates any longer.

Have you felt the effects of this latest update? Share your experiences in the comments section below.