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Google Rolling Out ‘Finely Targeted’ Panda Update

Google is rolling out a new Panda but thanks to its finely targeted nature, you might not even notice that it’s been by.

News of the new Panda sighting was originally reported by and was confirmed by Google in a statement reading:

In the last few days we’ve been pushing out a new Panda update that incorporates new signals so it can be more finely targeted.

The announcement, as SearchEngineLand and anyone else who follows Google noticed immediately, flies in the face of the company’s recent announcement that it would no longer confirm updates and refreshes. While it’s a nice gesture towards SEOs, it’s confusing nonetheless.

Matt Cutts also said that new Panda updates would arrive on a monthly basis and take about ten days to fully roll out. That plan has seen several delays as Google engineers have tinkered with the algorithmic details.

No matter how many times it’s updated, there’s no question that Panda’s been a big success in Google’s drive to improve content quality on the Web. While the original update impacted about 12% of English language queries, subsequent updates have hit only 1%-3% of all English language queries.

Have you noticed the impact of this kinder, gentler, Panda update? Share your experiences in the comments section below.