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Going Beyond SEO in Online Marketing

February 4, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – It may seem sensationalistic to declare SEO dead, or even to declare some other aspect of online marketing as “the New SEO”. But some online marketers are doing just that, and apparently with good data to back up the claim. In an Internet marketplace where search engine optimization is so commonplace it can water down even the best efforts, some experts are looking to the next stage: Conversion optimization.

So what is conversion optimization? It’s the idea that you can already get the traffic — you’ve mastered SEO. But now, how do you make the most of that traffic? How do you increase the conversions, or the click-throughs, or spur whatever action you’re looking for? In other words, how can you turn your SEO or general online marketing skills to actual revenue? Conversion optimization is the connection between SEO and making money online.

“2010 is the year of conversion rate optimization,” writes noted SEO blogger Randy Fishkin at SEOMoz. “I think this is still the most under-utilized and highest ROI activities in the marketing department, but more awareness is on its way. CRO isn’t just about testing; it’s about building a process for improving conversion over time. Online businesses can generate so much revenue from this, yet few invest.”

Search Engine Land
agrees: “The most valuable players will do more than optimize a landing page or run a good A/B test themselves. They will help organizations absorb conversion optimization into their culture and operational rhythm.”

“Like SEO, conversion optimization is data-driven,” the article continues. “Web analytics remain your greatest ally, but you must roll up your sleeves and dig deeper into user behavior. Segmentation analysis becomes even more crucial. How do different segments interact with you, and how can you optimize their particular experiences? Carry that through to revenue (or at least quality-scored leads).”

Conversion optimization is a lot more complex than SEO or link-building, but it promises greater rewards, too. Click here to read more from SEOMoz; click here to read the entire Search Engine Land article.