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Full Tilt Poker Relaunches

The day many in the online poker world thought would never come has finally arrived, the Full Tilt Poker (FTP) is finally a reality.
FTP’s resurrection is welcome news for players whose accounts were frozen on Black Friday. According to a press release on the company’s site, somewhere around $184 million in player account cash is now available for repatriation.
For the company’s former affiliate partners, who were squeezed out of the company’s settlement plan, the relaunch is still something of a bitter pill.
No one knows how much money this group lost on out on, and no one at FTP’s parent company, PokerStars, seems all that interested in making amends. That could spell trouble when FTP relaunches their affiliate program some time in 2013.
For now, FTP is doing everything they can to entice former players to re-up their registrations and start spending some of that formerly frozen loot. Site visitors can take advantage of a whole range of welcome back specials including $250,000 in free rolls and a regular tournament schedule.
Of course not everyone can take advantage of FTP’s second coming. Players in the United States, Italy, France, Belgium, Estonia and Denmark are still barred from FTP play.
Putting aside the company’s shoddy treatment of poker affiliates, the FTP re-launch is a major step forward for the online poker industry and helps put ugly memories of Black Friday in the past.
Are you planning on working with the new FTP? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.