Black Friday, One Week Later: One week after the fateful date of April 15, no one was sure what the hell was going on. We even thought that players who had money at the seized domains would be paid under a special agreement offered by the US authorities. We’re still waiting…

Black Friday, Six Weeks Later: Things turned into a bigger mess than anyone could have guessed at this point. After the world’s biggest online poker websites were seized, and nearly all US signups came to a halt.

Moving Past Black Friday: Reeling in the aftermath, we offered advice on dealing with the events of Black Friday. Our biggest tip? The lesson: Just because there were suddenly far fewer poker websites in the US market, doesn’t mean there are fewer poker players.

How To Redirect US Traffic Coming To Your Sites: Time to get down to business and determine where your visitors are coming from, geographically. If you were a casino or poker affiliate avoiding sending US traffic to your affiliate partners, the best step was to stop US traffic from coming to your site.

US Regulation Webinar: Missed the webinar with leading experts discussing what went down with the iGaming world, affiliates and US Regulation? You can still watch legal experts I. Nelson Rose and Lawrence Walters recap what the laws meant.

Black Friday’s Impact on International Poker: The sudden absence of a large number of American players from a poker site made sites seem a lot less appealing to the remaining players, and they were likely to leave, too. Find out why.

DOJ’s War on Online Poker: Since Black Friday, daily developments shaped the back and forth battle between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and major online poker companies. Here’s a roundup of some the six-month developments in this ongoing story.

Here’s the good news: online poker will be regulated in the US. It’s just a matter of time. In the meantime, we’ll be preparing you for the day that happens. First up? How To Move Your Traffic (Back) to the US

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