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FanDuel Launches ‘FanDuel TV Extra’ Streaming Channel

One of the best ways for today’s sportsbooks to promote their more obscure betting markets is to make sure that the people who bet on those events can actually watch them. That’s a pretty tall order in many cases (table tennis, we’re looking at you) but thanks to the rise of streaming services, sportsbooks are turning into broadcasters and bringing obscure sports to the light. That’s the idea behind the recent launch of FanDuel TV Extra.

FanDuel TV Extra is a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel available through a number of streaming devices and platforms including Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, Xumo Play, Plex and through FanDuel’s own OTT platform FanDuel TV. About half the content on FanDuel TV Extra is projected to be live sports, while the rest of the air time will be filled with sports talk shows, such as Up & Adams” and “Run It Back.”

The new streaming channel builds on the success of FanDuel TV, as Executive Producer and SVP of FanDuel TV Kevin Grigsby described in a recent press release saying, “Launching ‘FanDuel TV Extra’ was another important step in expanding distribution for FanDuel TV content and reaching new audiences. Our research showed a large portion of our target audience already consume content on FAST. Airing over 12 hours of live sports a day that can be wagered on significantly differentiates our channel in the market and allows us to reach a new cohort of passionate sports fans and bettors. We plan on continuing to invest in the reach of ‘FanDuel TV Extra’ by adding it to other top FAST providers in the near future.”

FanDuel TV+ app can be downloaded free on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple, and Android TV connected devices or stream online at