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February 2013 SEO Updates

February 2013 was a relatively quiet month for SEOs with little going on besides a PageRank update and the regular mix of rumors and small refreshes.

Panda 25?

Late in the month SEO forums began buzzing with rumors of a Panda update (number 25 if you’re keeping track). As is normally the case with Google algo update scares, a number of posters reported serious, but unexplained, PageRank drops.

In this case, the timing was right as it had been about 30 days since the last Panda refresh/update, but it turned out to be a false alarm. As of the end of the month, Google had not announced any Panda updates.

PageRank Update
On February 4, Google rolled out a PageRank update that should have a big impact on the Google Toolbar. Unlike so many other updates, most webmasters welcome this one as the Toolbar results are often badly outdated. These updates normally occur about every three months.

Happy Birthday, Panda
February also marked the two-year anniversary of Google’s Panda update. The algorithm that brought the content industry to its knees had radically changed how SEOs operate.

Panda 1, which was also called, “the Farmer Update,” impacted around 12% of English language queries and caused big content companies to radically change their business models.

Google still updates Panda every couple of months and they still impact around 1%-2% of all searches.

While Panda forced affiliates to take a new look at content, it did help slow down content scrapers and other online predators.

For better or worse, Panda’s impact on the Web is pretty huge, for a two-year-old.

Now What?
After a quiet month like February, expressing a little about what’s ahead.

Given Google’s track record of rolling something every 30-60 days, SEOs probably wouldn’t be too shocked to see a big update or refresh in next 30 days. After all, March is expected to, come in like a lamb and go out like a lion.

What are your memories of that original Panda update? Has it changed the way you present content? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.