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Fantasy Football Betting Content for Affiliates

Professional football is the dominant sport in the United States and this year as many as 30 million Americans will get in on the action through fantasy football leagues. Fantasy football is a billion dollar industry that permeates every office, frat house and living room in US.

Over the past few years, a growing number of sports books have combined that growing obsession with real money gambling in a hybrid fantasy football betting scheme. It’s a great way for sportsbook affiliates to maximize the already busy American football season.

And, unlike point spread betting, fantasy football betting is legal in the United States. (Why fantasy betting is a game of skill and point spread betting isn’t is another issue entirely.)

How It Works

Fantasy football betting really does combine the best of traditional NFL moneyline and prop betting. In its most basic form, two player/bettors each draft a team and go head to head. Points are awarded to the players they’ve drafted based on statistics like passing yards, sacks and, of course, touchdowns. The team with the most points wins.

Of course every sportsbook has their own variation of the game. At Cantor Gaming run sportsbooks in Las Vegas, bettors draft six players, but don’t necessarily have to bet on their own team.

Getting Over the Learning Curve

Despite traditional fantasy football’s high profile, fantasy betting is still relatively unknown in most parts of the US. That means that affiliate partners will want to come up some evergreen content and FAQs that curious players can refer to.

Affiliates can also tie in fantasy content to traditional NFL betting content with little or no effort.

The main point to drive home is that any traditional fantasy player is already well equipped for fantasy betting. It’s easy, fun and synchs up perfectly with a player’s existing fantasy research.

That makes it a win-win for everyone involved.

Promoting Fantasy Football Betting

Bet365Affiliate partners working with Bet365 receive a gimmick-free 30% revenue share that starts up on day one. They also offer up generous player bonuses and state-of-the-art betting products like live, in-play wagering. As one of the UK’s biggest bookmakers, Bet365 is a trusted, global brand.

Affiliates United – This outfit handles affiliate marketing for the well known William Hill sportsbooks and has a good reputation in the UK and abroad. They offer a sliding 70%/50%/40% scale for the first three months and a 25% rev share thereafter.

BetAmerica – If you’re talking NFL fantasy football, you definitely want to be working with one of the few sites that still takes US action and BetAmerica fits that bill. This outfit pays a straight $50 CPA to affiliate partners. They’re also very player friendly and give a 3% rebate on wagers and a $150 sign up bonus for new players.