European Operators to Require Users to Leave Cookies

The iGaming industry in Europe is about to face a major change. Soon enough (within the next two months), online operators will require that users provide permission for the site to leave a cookie on their computer.
Many online casinos are scrambling to catch up, yet, industry analysts estimate that nearly 95% are not compliant.
Isn’t it enough to include this information in the company’s terms and conditions and/or privacy policy? Apparently not. Making things even more serious is the fact that companies that ignore the change could be fined up to £500,000.
Understanding Sports Betting in Europe
The Information Commissioner’s Office makes this change simple to understand by stating: users must knowingly indicate their acceptance.
With this change, online gaming services must be more direct in terms of having users opt-in to accept cookies. It is no longer enough to put this information in a privacy policy and hope for the best.
It will be interesting to see how online operators deal with this change over the next two months. As you can imagine, the consequences of ignoring this change are much greater than those associated with tracking cookies.
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