Payment solutions for players and for affiliates are becoming a tricky matter in the United States. However, in Europe, business is booming, and there’s no shortage of gaming-friendly payment options.

Some payment solutions are better suited to the gaming world than others, of course. But options are so varied, it’s up to the affiliate to figure out what works for their particular situations. Here’s a quick guide to the best payment solutions for European players and gaming affiliates.

Bank transfer. In Europe, payment processing via bank transfer isn’t the largely impossible task as it is in the United States. In fact, the stability and absence of middle men make direct transfer probably the most dependable way to get your casino affiliate funds paid in full and on time.

Visa and MasterCard. Again, in Europe, credit card companies aren’t under the same restrictions as in the United States, so players can generally use any personal credit cards like Visa and MasterCard with no problem whatsoever. These are global brands, and highly reliable, so many customers are most comfortable using them.

NETeller. The “largest independent online money transfer business in the world”, and the most widespread alternative to bank transfers and credit cards is NETeller, an eWallet payment solution founded in Canada, based in the UK, and now regulated by the British Financial Services Authority. Like Ukash and Intercash, NETeller also offers a MasterCard virtual card services. NETeller has been out of the U.S online gambling market since 2007 (and because of the UIGEA), but it’s still a powerful force globally, “with over 2.5 million members in 160 countries, 3,400 merchants, and $7 billion in annual transactions,” per the company’s website.

Intercash. Long established in Europe, Intercash is now upgrading its service and pushing into new markets with a special MasterCard partnership to make payments faster and freer of fees. We at CAP have a promotional relationship with Intercash, so we’re not going to pretend we’re not biased. Instead, we invite you to check out a special offer from CAP and Intercash here.

Ukash. Widespread in the UK and Europe, Ukash is a gaming favorite. The system uses a “Ready-To-Spend” pin code, which can be funded via various Ukash vendors online and off. Like Intercash, Ukash has also announced a MasterCard partnership that’s likely to increase its popularity.

Moneybookers. A huge brand in Europe and elsewhere, Monebookers is among the gaming industry’s most-used payment providers, with more than 14 million account holders globally. Moneybookers lets players transfer funds without revealing personal financial info. Unfortunately, Moneybookers is also well-known for its fees.

Other notable options: PayPal (in the UK), EcoCard, Click2Pay, FirePay, Paysafecard, and lots of others. Always carefully review your online gaming site’s policies before initiating money transfers via any methods.

How to choose?

Is there an advantage for a casino affiliate to advertise any of these particular payment solutions to players visiting your site? Making it clear to players what sites accept what payment solutions can be a powerful conversion incentive. It’s also a good idea simply because it helps make your site easier to use.

Think of creating an informational page or even a blog post dedicated to Moneybookers-friendly casinos, say, or a feature on Intercash’s special instant processing relationships with Euro Partners. There are tons of angles for the creative gaming affiliate to take.

Remember, not all of these payment solutions are available for all countries or all online gaming rooms. Check with your favorite casino affiliate programs in advance to make sure you’re covered.


Do you use any European-centered online payment solutions not listed here? Sound off in the comments and share your experiences with other gaming affiliates.

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