There’s a new WordPress plugin in town! – one could say. It’s called OptinSkin, and it’s simply great. But first things first:

What is OptinSkin?

Every online marketer knows the value of an email subscriber. Once you’ve convinced someone to sign up for your email newsletter there’s a really big probability that you will be able to make some money off this person through your affiliate promotions and offers.

That’s where OptinSkin comes into play. The plugin enables you to add attractive opt-in forms (and social share buttons) to your WordPress sites. You don’t need any programming knowledge or web development tools. Everything is set through an easy-to-use and visually attractive user interface.

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Customizable Opt-in Forms

There are over 18 pre-made opt-in form designs you can choose from. And you can also customize every design to make it fit your blog perfectly. You can modify background colors, title headings, colors of buttons, even the type of the arrow that’s shown along the opt-in form, and more.

When you’re done setting up your opt-in forms and share buttons you can then place them anywhere on your site just by clicking a couple of buttons.

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Advanced Split-Testing Features

OptinSkin is not only about looks … it’s actually a whole platform for managing your opt-in forms. You can even split test different forms and designs to choose the best configuration.

You can create an A/B split test around any characteristic of your form. Such as: background colors, e-book covers, heading texts, border colors, copy, arrow images, etc.

OptinSkin will take care of rotating multiple opt-in forms, gathering data, and then telling you which configuration is the best converting one.

Built-in Stats

Every opt-in form you create comes with its own stats. You can easily track your impressions and conversions. This type of knowledge comes very valuable over time as you can build on top of it to create even better forms in the future.

Actually, there’s a lot more features inside OptinSkin. If you want to find out what they are feel free to watch this quick video (just under 3 minutes):

If you don’t know whether you really need this plugin or not then remember about the 60-day money back guarantee. You can always test the plugin on your own, and if, by any chance, it doesn’t fit your needs you can always ask for a refund. No risk here.

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