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EiG Treats from Ongame

September 22, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — Bwin subsidiary Ongame Network Limited has a treat in store for online poker observers at EiG in Barcelona this week, where it plans to unveil the first-ever software gaming engine designed specifically for online poker.

The new P5 Poker Engine will dramatically improve the performance of the company's online poker platform and change the way online poker is played, experienced, and perceived, claim company spokesmen.

"We decided to go to the very heart of our platform and rethink every line of code — and re-write it if necessary. P5 represents a shift in mentality as much as it represents a shift in technology. We are already very excited about what P5 enables us to do — but this is nothing compared to what you will see in the months to come," says Kevin O'Neal, Press Officer at Bwin.

Ongame Network currently has several products and gaming environments based on P5 technology in production.