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E-Mail Marketing Statistics You'll Actually Use

E-mail marketing is the bedrock of any content marketing campaign and remains incredibly valid, despite an onslaught of new technologies. But how can a publisher know for certain whether his or her e-mail campaigns are actually working, without an engineering degree?
In a recent article on Quicksprout, content guru Neil Patel addressed this issue by focusing on the statistics that really tell the story of what is happening to your e-mails once you’ve sent them out. Here are a few of the stats he says are most important.
What does it take for you to break up with an e-mail newsletter? If you’re like most people, and statistics back this up, your breaking point comes when you start getting too many e-mails from any one source.
If you’ve noticed a big uptick in the number of readers who are saying, “goodbye,” you might want to slow down the frequency of your e-mails. The bottom line here is that no one wants to hear from you too often.
Open Rates
Getting a customer to open an e-mail is no easy task. The fact is that even the best e-mail marketing campaigns only garner an open rate of about 11 or 12 percent.
So what can you do to increase that number? The best method is to make your e-mail marketing campaigns as personal as possible. Tossing a person’s first name into the subject line of an e-mail is easier than you might think, and is an incredibly effective way of boosting your open rates.
E-mail marketing isn’t going anywhere, anytime time soon, so there’s no reason for any web publisher to be ignoring the statistics that make it such an effective marketing tool in the first place.