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Don’t Miss These Everyday SEO Opportunities

Let’s face it, search engine optimization (SEO) has become pretty complicated over the past few years.

Since Google cracked down on thin content with its Panda algorithm, SEO’s have turned into a bunch of scientists obsessed with data and spreadsheets. What they’ve collectively forgotten is that SEO doesn’t have to be a complicated affair.

In a recent posting on titled, The 8 Most Common But Simple Missed Opportunities in Optimizing Content, writer Jane Driscoll Miller tackled this important topic. Here are a few of her tips that are especially useful for casino affiliates.

Weak Title Tags

Title tags are a major opportunity for SEOs to convey their most import message to their customers. So why do so many SEOs phone them in?

Title tags are a lot more than just a holding pen for keywords. With just a few seconds of extra thought, you can turn that title tag into a branding triumph. Those 60 characters are perfect for reinforcing your overarching message, not just your keywords, to the customers who matter most (the ones that have already visited your page.

Put Some Thought into Your Meta Descriptions

It seems safe to say that the meta description is about as important a piece in the SEO puzzle as you can imagine, so ignore it at your peril.

If you do choose to skip this step, you’ll find that Google auto-fills it with snippets from whatever your most current post happens to be. No one wants that.

A thoughtful, well-composed meta description lets your customers (and potential customers) know exactly what they’re getting from your content.

Weak Analytics

If you don’t have a good feel for your analytics, you might as well not even bother with anything else. After all, how can you ever tell if any of your SEO strategies are working if you’re not measuring them.

Google Analytics is not only the industry standard for analytics programs, it’s also completely free. So there’s no reason to not be tracking analytics.