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Does Twitter Owe Affiliates Some Cash?

The wizards of Wall Street valued Twitter at somewhere in the neighborhood of $24.9 billion when the company went public last week.

That very impressive number that has some Twitter’s users wondering how much their tweets factor into the big picture and Time Magazine has developed a tool to help them figure it all out.

Time’s, decidedly unscientific, What Does Twitter Owe Me? calculator starts out by dividing Twitters $24.9 billion valuation and dividing it by the estimated 200 billion Tweets. That puts the value of each tweet at around 12.45 cents.

Time estimates that each, individual tweet is seen by around 400 people and only around 25% of them are paying attention. The final value of an account is determined by the number of eyeballs that actually see the tweets.

Over at, Geno Prussakov used Klout scores, and Time’s tweet formula to come up with a list of the 20 most valuable and influential affiliate marketing-related Twitter accounts.

According to his calculations, Texas-based super-affiliate Shawn Collins is the affiliate marketing Twitter king. His 27,188 tweets to 39,480 followers makes @affilitetip worth around $13,300 to the microblogging service.

From the top of the list to the bottom you’ll make a considerable leap down. At #20 is Matthew Wood, a UK affiliate whose 4,595 tweets and 8,043 followers on @matthewwood have a value of around $500.

To see the complete list, check out, Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Influencers: How Much Does Tiwtter Owe Them?