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Did Google Just Launch a Panda Update?

Did Google roll out a major algorithm update last week? The search engine says they didn’t, but on SEO forums, webmaster are telling a very different story.

SEOs first noticed the update-that-didn’t-happen last Thursday. Among the signs pointing towards an update were reports of major traffic drops and collapsing page rankings. But Google very quickly announced that it hadn’t rolled out updates to Panda or anything else.

Despite Google’s denials, forum posters and respected SEO pundits like Barry Schwartz weren’t completely convinced. Schwartz pointed out the following in a recent blog post:

But all the signals that we track point to some sort of Google update. I posted the immense forum chatter about this update at the Search Engine Roundtable – just scan the 40+ comments to see their reaction…But no, all the signals were wrong, at least according to Google.

So who’s right, Google or everyone else? One SEO Roundtable reader noted that whether they updated or not, Google is under no obligation to inform the SEO world.

So there!

Have you noticed anything that might be considered an algorithm update in the last week? Share your experiences in the comments section below.