Daily Fantasy Sports Update: What Are the Players Thinking?

A new survey of daily fantasy sports (DFS) players sheds some light on who’s playing DFS; where they’re playing DFS; and a whole lot more.
If you’re considering a move into this fast growing corner of the online gambling world, this is information you need to know.
The study titled, Daily Fantasy Sports Player Survey – 2015 was conducted by Ellers Research between June 18 and July 9 of this year. Over 1,400 DFS players were surveyed in the effort.
When it comes to demographics, the average daily fantasy sports player is exactly who you think he is; a white male between 25-35 years old. In fact, 98% of DFS players are male and 91% them are white.
While these young men do enjoy their DFS, they only have so much time and effort they can devote to it on a weekly basis. Most players only spend 10-20 a week on DFS research
Ellers also found that most DFS players have only been at it for less than two years and found out about DFS through a friend.
In most cases, that friend referral sent the player to either DraftKings or FanDuel. In fact, slightly more than half of all players don’t even bother with other sites.
When it comes to spending habits, most DFS players are hardly what you’d call whales. In most cases, DFS players have a weekly roll of around $100 and only like to spend around $5 per game.
As for perceptions, 66% of DFS players see it as a legal alternative to gambling, though 94% of them would continue if it were to suddenly become illegal.
That, as it turns out, is something they’re pretty familiar with from their online past. Just about half of current DFS players used to play online poker.
In short, the daily fantasy sports world is populated with young, but experienced, players who know what they’re doing and are seriously committed their new found passion.