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Creating a Credible YouTube Profile Page

YouTube is one of the biggest video media providers on the planet with viewers consuming as much as 500 million hours of content every day. 

Given its massive reach, YouTube content creators are challenged with keeping their channels both fresh and credible. After all, there’s no shortage of competitors on YouTube and many of them aren’t the types you want to be associated with.

So how can you stay ahead of the credibility curve when crafting YouTube content? That was the subject of a recent posting by content guru Neil Patel titled, 15 Essential to Creating a Trust-Boosting YouTube Page. As trust is an essential aspect of the online gambling business, Patel’s tips are particularly pertinent for casino affiliates.

Customize Your Profile

If you’re at all serious about your business, you’ve certainly spent some time building a brand that your customers recognize. So why do so many YouTube content creators throw all that out the window and use templates to make their profile pages?

Take advantage of YouTube’s customization features and let your readers know who’s producing the content they’re viewing.

A Word About Myself

When customizing your YouTube page, don’t forget to beef up your About Me section. This is your opportunity to craft a lean and mean description of your operation and its value proposition for players. If you’re the biggest bonus hunter in the Western Hemisphere, this is the place to brag about your title.

The fact is, the more customers know about you and your operation, the more they’re likely to trust you in the first place.

Make an ‘Explainer’ Video
YouTube is all about videos, right? So don’t hold back when it comes to making videos that tell customers why they might want to do business with you.

An Explainer video is nothing more than a video version of “About Us.” That said, it’s also going to be an opportunity to craft a first impression, so don’t skimp. If ever there was a time to uphold high production values, this is that time.

YouTube offers incredible engagement opportunities for casinos affiliates, but it’s not a venue that’s kind to cheaply produced videos with flim flam offers. This is the time to put your best foot forward and craft a social media property that will offer value to your customers and, ultimately, boost your brand.