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Conversion Tips from Bryan Eisenberg

Conversion guru Bryan Eisenberg

Drawing big revenues in affiliate marketing is easy, all you have to do is convert site visitors to depositing players. Converting visitors to depositing players, however, can be very challenging. But challenging doesn’t mean impossible. 

Bryan Eisenberg is an internationally renowned conversion expert and author of New York Times Best Selling books like, Call to Action. Eisenberg doesn’t claim to make conversions easy, but his methods make the process a lot easier.  Here are some conversion tips from the master himself shared recently with the good folks at Wordtracker.

Embrace Change

Don’t stick with flashy marketing and advertising gimmicks that look great, but don’t really work all that well. Eisenberg advises web masters to embrace change and count on it as being a part of their daily operations.

Eisenberg told Wordtracker that the average website may need hundreds, or even thousands, of changes as part of what he calls, Conversion Optimization. Conversion Optimization means taking a big picture approach to fixing what’s wrong with your site in a strategic manner.

His advice includes creating a long term priority to-do list and tackling big problems before handling small ones.  Eisenberg suggests that publishers embrace A/B testing as a means of finding out exactly which techniques are most effective.

Keep Consistent

Consistency and change might not sound like the most synergistic combination, but they are definitely interwoven entities. Eisenberg calls this dynamic, keeping the scent.

Keeping the scent is all about making changes that matter to the big picture look and feel of your site. There’s no reason to start changing graphics and buttons when the real problem with making conversions is more likely to be found in the content.

Customers like consistency and benefit from change. So keep the changes meaningful and don’t change just for change sake.

Remove Obstacles

One change that’s definitely worth embracing is clearing the path for your customers. One classic Eisenberg example is how simply removing mandatory registrations can seriously decrease cart abandonment rates on e-commerce sites.

Customers, and players, have enough distractions in their lives and they don’t need any more when they’re on the cusp of making a deposit. Eisenberg recommends publishers tackle these distractions through the use of monthly to-do lists. (Seeing the trend here?)

Long Term Plays

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Eisenberg does not go for the short term win. He’s a strategic thinker and that’s exactly how gaming affiliates should be approaching their own conversion strategies.

Thinking about how your customers move through your site, and how you want them to move through your site, is something that should be a big part of any affiliate’s big picture plan.

Always Be Measuring

One point Eisenberg drives home that most affiliates don’t need to be reminded about is that webmasters should make use of analytic tools. Tools like Google Keyword Analyzer and SEOmoz can help streamline the optimization process in a big way. The more information you have about your site, the better off you’ll be.

Moving Forward

Converting players is not rocket science. What it requires is the ability to look at your site and clearly analyze what’s working and what’s holding you back.