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Colorado Governor Kills Casino Credit Bill

Colorado Governor Jared Polis put his foot down hard on a statehouse bill that would have allowed casino operators to issue cash loans to players. If passed, SB-23-259 would have allowed pre-approved players to draw on credit lines of $1000 or more while playing; a thirst trap for problem gamblers.

Supporters of the bill said that it was really aimed at high rollers, who would have been pre-approved before they hit the casino floor. The proposed credit lines would have started at $1,000 but it wasn’t clear what the high end of the credit range would have been. It’s also not clear what kind of interest rates your friendly local casino would offer.

Though it had bipartisan support, SB23-259 barely made its way through the Colorado statehouse. The bill had to be submitted two separate times and passed on its second vote after several Democrats switched their votes at the last minute. None of that mattered since Governor Polis vetoed the bill as soon as it hit his desk.

In a letter explaining the move, Polis emphasized its potential impact on problem gamblers saying, “Just as there would be issues with gaining the consent of a person with a substance use disorder who is under the influence, there are also serious issues regarding the ability of a person with a gambling disorder to freely consent to a loan while on a gambling spree.”

Supporters of the bill dismissed that notion saying that it would have merely provided a convenience for qualified players.