Canadian casino CEO jumps COVID vaccine line

A Canadian casino CEO and his wife are in hot water after executing a clever effort to jump massive coronavirus vaccine line in the Great White North. Unfortunately, most people take a pretty dim view of this kind of chicanery and the couple are facing some pretty serious legal issues as a result of their ruse.

So how did the very healthy (former) president and CEO of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation get the shot in the arm that every human on the planet is desperately craving but can’t access unless they’re in a pre-determined high-risk group? The Bakers simply hopped on a jet to the tiny community of Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory from White Horse (without quarantining). Vaccines are available in small towns like Beaver Creek because the small populations are extremely vulnerable to the virus and unable to access ICU units.

Not surprisingly, the now disgraced casino chief and his Mrs. did not blend in in Beaver Creek (population 100). They stood out even more when, moments after receiving the vaccine, they asked for directions to the nearest airport. Suspicious locals reported the devious duo to local authorities, who had them arrested at the White Horse Airport.

Mr. Baker resigned from the CEO post he’d held at the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation since 2010 almost as soon as the scandal broke. He and his wife are now facing charges of violating Canadian COVID restrictions by failing to obey quarantine restrictions.

It’s unclear that jumping the vaccine line is a crime in-and-of-itself, as it’s likely that most people wouldn’t stoop to that kind of behavior on account of basic human decency, so it probably wouldn’t need to be specifically spelled anyways.